Acantha and her kind are monsters whose purpose and origins are completely unknown. What IS known is that they are destined to become dangerous in due time, becoming enemies of the planet (and its guardians) by default.

But, rather than follow the monster hunters or the guardians, the narrative focuses more on the coming-of-age of the different ghosts and monsters who change—--for better or worse---as they attempt to uncover the mystery behind their existence and either heal or run from past mistakes.

Our Approach

Our Story



Eliana's birth was celebrated one cheery morning, except it wasn't. There was actually a lot of screaming and panicking because she took punctuality to the extreme, and popped right out in the car when the time was due. Years later, she read a lot, watched cartoons, collected weird things, and climbed trees--the latter which she got stuck on. There isn't much to say except that this biography was written at, like, 2am. 

She began to conceptualize Cosmic Fish around mid-2009, but then was like "wow why DON'T I make this into a comic" in late-2015 after a short trial run in 2014. So, SURE buddy, you worry your mother to death by popping out xenomorph-style in a car, but it took you 6 whole years to play it safe before starting a comic?? 

Anyway, she started the comic and so far it has won two awards in Tintero 2016 (best Mini Comic for the Toy) and Tintero 2017 (Best Comic for Chapter 4). Also, Cosmic Fish received an honorable mention and was nominated for the StART Faire Webcomic Awards in 2016. Finally in 2017, it was accepted in the Spiderforest Webcomic Collective.


So, yeah, you know, this comic might actually be pretty cool, eh? I dunno, like, maybe give it a whirl, and tell the void they look lovely today.