Ghosts are the mysterious entities that eventually grow their own physical bodies. However, they have no knowledge nor control of what their body will turn into in due time. And often times, it's something dangerous.


Our protagonist. One of the ghosts that hasn't fully yet matured. She was kicked out of the group due to an incident years ago, and now she roams around causing mischief and is notorious for stealing supplies.


The only ghost raised by humans, he disagrees with their methods of lifestyle (ie, stealing) but he chooses to avoid these conflicts. Mostly chasing them away if they aren't affiliated.



A mysterious self-proclaimed "Guardian of Ghosts". His intentions and his alliance remains an annoying mystery to some, but it seems the other ghosts trust him well enough.



Part of the ghost group, they try their best to work as a mediator and leader; teaching ghosts how to be independent and maintain a positive attitude, even if it implies turning a blind eye on certain moments.


Found by the ghost group, Bavel tends to keep to herself. Even if she can't express herself too well, she's very caring, mature, and has great gardening and sewing skills.


Acantha's best friend. Like her, he's left the group of the other ghosts and lives out on his own. He's a little pessimistic, although he prefers the word 'realistic', but has a kind heart.


Existing since the first signs of life, the guardians maintain the cycle under their jurisdiction to extend the lifespan of the planet as best and efficient as possible. This also means they have no political affiliation and simply act to maintain order-- although it is possible to sway or reason with them in some instances.


The Guardian of young souls that have unfortunately passed.

Because her role has always centered around aiding young souls in finding peace, she's given herself the task to return the still formless ghosts to wherever they came from, and often takes the task to lecture or discipline the stranded ghosts in hopes that they don’t continue to change.


The Guardian of the waters.

She has a strong preference for creatures that dwell in her territory, and will often drown land-dwellers to feed her creatures. However, she has shown mercy to very few, lucky humans.

Expectedly, she has a distaste for ghosts.



The Guardian of the dead. He's powered by the souls not compatible with Bells/Raju. (As in, matured souls)

He has no care for the ghosts, although he'll attempt to stop them by any means necessary if he considers them dangerous. He'll prioritize his role above all else...although he tends to be flexible if it involves Raju/Bells.


The Guardian of the skies.

He controls the weather which he can use to either punish or assist beings or guardians alike. His biggest weakness is his vanity and his pride.

He doesn't care much for ghosts, or any allegiance for that manner,  but will be over-protective of his territory and possessions if need be.


The Guardian of nature.

He can manipulate plants and trees which he uses to maintain a healthy eco-system. His real body is rarely seen as he covered himself head to toe with any fallen leaves to appear bigger.


The Guardian of the earth.

She piles herself with boulders and is thus called the 'moving mountain'. And travels Veeery slowly through the land.

After Bells, she is the guardian with the most understanding of the ghosts. Afterall, some day they'll decompose and feed the earth she protects, that's nice of them.


Characters that don't fit any of the previous categories.


Creatures that have existed for as long as anyone can remember. They hide inside their rock-solid heads during the day, and creep around at night searching for easy meals. 

Because of this, it's common that they devour small animals, including children. And, for some reason, target unformed ghosts.


This odd rabbit-fish...thing appears to have the power to teleport to who knows where. According to Schnell, he seems to be a pet of a greater being.

Yet his origin is unknown, but he seems to have some form of relationship with Bells.


A traveling creature from a distant country, often called a mountain dragon or a catmeleon, that has become fascinated with human culture.

He's had a few run-ins with Acantha for better or worse and have begun to form a friendship.

Also, he plays the piano.