As the quick little announcement says, August did NOT go as planned and had to take up an extra job to make ends meet, meaning I barely had time to work on the comic.


Good news though, I’m doing this to raise money for my first US Convention in Philadelphia on November 18th. It’s called Nerdtino and it’ll focus on Latinx creators, so if you’re in the area, consider stopping by, yeah? I’ll make a formal post because I’m planning on giving Cosmic Fish readers little gifts when they show up. <3 It’s my first US convention and I dunno when I’ll go back, but it’s something to look forward to!


As is, updates will be on Wednesdays only for a little while till I can get more things in the buffer (meaning Patreon will receive far more frequent updates). I also can’t guarantee what will happen since we’re expecting a big cat 4 hurricane (Irma) arriving this Wednesday. I’ll have the page scheduled, but if there are no news on the Twitter or Facebook pages, consider the electricity to be out ’till a formal announcement is made. :\ 

Stay safe friends!