The following pages were made by guest artists after I had gotten my hand injured. I’ve gone and remade the pages and fixed the text, so I’m replacing them. HOWEVER, I want to keep the promo and will move the original pages to fanart. In this case, I managed to fit two pages into 1. 

Original Text to keep the promo:

The following 6 pages were done by guest artists because last year, my hand had suffered major damage due to work, and was unable to draw the updates. Thankfully, these wonderful people stepped up and did the updates to not place the comic on hiatus. <3 

Guest artist for this page was BlueDubia!
Over here at:

She did a grand job! Pretty sure landing Acantha upside down is petty revenge from the rabbitfish for yelling at him so often.



Guest Artist for this page was: Niina! Watercolors man, watercolors <3

Check out their amazing comic right here:
Also, of course, the rabbit fish is just…going to poof away, he’s no fool. Just very anxious.