OOOOOOH boy! Here we go, now he’s mad.


(Also, early update because I’m going to be interviewed at the following radio stations: Q11 (1140 AM) at 8:00 am EST and in WiPR 940AM at 9:30 am EST. So if you know Spanish, you’re more than welcome to tune in! I’ll be talking about Cosmic Fish and the local comic scene with other creators. )

And that’s it for Chapter 5! (I know, I’m sad too) And like I said on Monday, I’ll be taking August “”””off””””, which just means I won’t be posting comic pages here (there are queued guest spots and videos) but will be posting the buffer on my patreon whenever they’re ready, and I’ll be taking it a little easy cuz these past few months have been draining.


I’ll also be working on a Gone Fishing mini comic for between chap 5 and 6 (will make sense in September) but if you’d like to help make more short stories about characters outside the main story, consider supporting me on Patreon it would help me out a lot! (there’s also more info there on what the following story would be, if you’re interested)

Thanks again, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the story so far!