PHEW. OK. My mind’s already on chapter 7 at least, but wow…wow ok. This chapter took as long as when the hurricane arrived to me working on the pages by charging my laptop using a loud gas generator (circa 1998) for 8 months, to taking baths using heated rain water for 4 months because lack of running/clean water, to my grandmother and favorite family member passing away (Hell, I was working on the thumbnails while taking care of her), to printing the first book, to getting my first coloring and publishing gigs, to finally getting over the whole thing, to spending the anniversary of the hurricane in LONDON after working nonstop for 5 months to afford it. so yea, this was the weirdest moment of my life to work on this chapter.


It feels like forever since this chapter started but also so recent. Maybe I’ll elaborate some other time in detail, but this chapter was SO hard to work with because I wrote it ages ago and dealing with loss and a huge amount of stress/self-worth issues during a chapter that had a lot of THAT was…kinda uncomfortable?? So I’m glad it’s something I can look back now with more calmness and it’s something the story itself can move on from too. This made up story became such a relatable piece of work at such a weird time and it ending and my own crisis ending feels…fitting as a new chapter of my life seems like it’s (hopefully) starting. (-knocks on wood-) So…yea. -shrugs because it’s just weird to think about??-


This whole post is really sappy and I apologise, but this chapter was what really kept me going in one of my darkest (both literal and metaphorical) times in my life. I want to go back and fix a few things (just some dialogue and early pages) but overall, I’m happy with it. I know this chapter is really difficult to get into on a weekly basis + spontaneous hiatuses since it’s two stories happening at once, but I hope now that it’s complete, it flows well and it’s satisfying.


Thank you all for keeping me company through this year. For your support and your amazing patience while I got this segment together. I’m so so excited for the upcoming chapters now that all the pieces are in place,(we’re going back to just one story now that everything’s established) so let’s keep going on this journey together! 

Chapter 7 will resume on November, but there will be updates till then with guest spots and a Gone Fishing I made last year but hadn’t posted on this site yet (oops). So stay tuned!!