PHEW, we’re caught up more or less. Schnell isn’t the most reliable narrator, is he? But it’s still a pretty solid recap and now we’re ready to start Chapter 7! (Just missing Acantha’s translator which is a star she got from the place Lheur poofed her to, and the little tourist who can hear deputized guardians in his head, Midah, exists)


Did you guys now I’m also a colorist for a cyberpunk comic called Eliteware! 

It follows the story of two siblings who have chosen different paths to take down the elite in order to save their parents from debt. Follow their two stories and they begin igniting a revolution along the way!

It’s a Star Wars meets the Hunger Games kind of story and if you’re interested, please help us fund issue 3 through Kickstarter! (You can also read the first issue there for free!)