His patience is thinning. also poor Hessa.


I SHOULD be in Boston by now. Am I? Man, I dunno, I scheduled this post before leaving but I’ll be posting updates on my twitter. I am ONCE AGAIN reminding you LOVELY folks that I’ll be participating in this year’s MICE at table 52-A in the Boston Room! I’ll also be doing a live Panel on SUNDAY at 1:30pm where a couple of other Puerto Rican artists and myself will be talking about making Puerto Rican comics and how they reflect on the social and cultural status of the island(s). It will be recorded for youtube so I will post the link when it’s ready. If you ARE in the area and are planning on going, feel free to stop by! Say funny things or ask me about the comic! Do it! Force me to reveal the actual metaphor of the story and how it’s about the generation gap that forced many of us to grow in a different world after the economic fall of the late 90s in PR and solidified the eventual systematic collapse and total cultural isolation.

I’m joking, it’s a comic about funny ghost kids going on an adventure. I’ll see you there!