And that’s the end of Gone Fishing 006!! We’ll definitely start seeing a change in the direction and goals of the characters from this point forward. OOF! Whatcha think?

Big surprise, Gone Fishing 007 is actually our next comic but it will only take place next week (it’s really short, but no other update this week). Afterward, I’ll be taking a small break until the end of the month (the 20th is Cosmic Fish’s 7th anniversary) so I want to do something NICE! And then I’ll start Chapter 9. More details next week! I’m still reeling in I’ve been doing this comic for that long, if this was a child it’d be in second grade.


[Future Cosmo please edit this post to add1 the requested Halloween doodles on this space, please delete this -2am Cosmo]


Dear past Cosmo, I didn’t forget. Requested by Morgan