This kickass illustration was made by InkyDevotee! She added the following context to the post (which has been a little side project she’s been working on her Instagram so definitely check it out!) 

This is the design of her character: 

The context is her own Ghost…so…na? Ghostsona? Ghostsona called Eliseba that’s turned into a bit of a crossover. The idea is that since it’s October, it would be the time Eliseba would be most active (since in the southeast of PR, we get the most festivals around this time) “After everything that happened in the main story with Acantha and Bells they stepped into Eli’s territory and, since she never had contact with other ghost/creatures/guardians aside from Clockwork–who is her human adoptive deaf son, she gets defensive and starts spying on them because she thinks they are there to hurt her boy.”

And oh god, what a good, GOOD story!!! I really hope she develops it, I am absolutely in love with this and the desiiign!! Please follow her on insta and Tumblr!

Also, she did this Ramus animation with Amazing World of Gumball audio please also check that out~

Btw Wednesday’s update may or may not be Halloween related ôô