wow, it’s still alive…with a neat little scar to boot!


AND that’s chapter 8!! Thank you so much for reading, things are going to get a little crazy from here on out, so good to have you onboard!! (And considering all the things happening in the webcomic circle, if you like the comic–share it around! Tell your friends, tell your family, word of mouth is really the best way to help my comic get around, and it doesn’t take a minute. I would greatly appreciate it)


I’m debating setting up a Q&A before the next chapter starts (likely July 25) so stay tuned for a little post to send in questions (June 27–a day before my birthday :D) . I’m also going to be updating a few things here of the comic now that I feel I’m at a decent moment in the story where I can actually talk about the process and concept art since some secrets are finally revealed. So the days in between Chapter 8 and Gone Fishing 006 are going to have a lot of extras and cool bits during the short month break so stick around!!


Thanks again for joining me in this series, it genuinely means a lot, and I’m humbled that, despite the hiatus, so many of you came back as if nothing happened. That alone meant the world to me, and I’m just beyond happy you’re enjoying the story! So thank you so much!!!