(technically 5 of production because of the year hiatus due to hurricane Maria and then the year of pandemic blues but you know we keep trucking! The days don’t stop)


Thank you everyone for 7 years of Cosmic Fish!!!

Your kind words, support, and engagement are really what keep me going. I’m grateful beyond words for the people I’ve met throughout the years both online and IRL because of the comic, and for the new friends, opportunities, and experiences I’ve had. Honestly, I wouldn’t have met so many lifelong friends if it wasn’t for the comic, or given classes, conferences,  and workshops in schools and colleges that have remarkably inspired so many people to start making their own stories and work; I wouldn’t have gone to Europe in 2018 and found out people read my comic over there and seen so much or gone to Boston this year and find a small readership there. I wouldn’t have been on TV, on convention panels, or even on the radio talking about the work. I wouldn’t have honed my art and writing skill if it wasn’t for this, this project that convinced me that making comics and stories is really what I want to do for the rest of my life.


Just in general, despite being someone so shy and anxious, oftentimes just flat out avoiding showing my face in public or talking to others, this comic helped connect me to the world and the people around it. I’m glad this was the story and means that allowed me to do it and I’m grateful you’re reading this and experiencing the same story alongside me. I hope you’re well and I wish you all the best, thank you always for your support!!

The story isn’t going anywhere but as I mentioned in the previous pages, I was debating whether to post another comic or put the comic on a short hiatus until late Jan/early feb 2023. I decided to go with the hiatus because, although a short comic would keep the page updated, it would ruin the flow of where the story is going (we’re reaching a climax!)

I’m currently working on a few projects as a freelancer and don’t feel comfortable with the current page buffer I have. I’ll be posting the comic pages on Patreon in batches (as per usual) but until then I think it’d be best to postpone the release of chapter 9 until next year.


Thank you all again and I hope you enjoy and continue to enjoy where this silly little story is going <3