I really liked working on this style, it would just be a little OOF for a whole 200-page comic but I hope you liked it. Also a better look at the personalities of these little weirdos.


And with that, our next step will be Chapter 9. At the moment 2am Cosmo is scheduling these pages, the chapter itself is thumbnailed so I’m technically out of queue, which…it’s very scary cuz I went a whole year without missing an update. But here we are! The 20th is going to be Cosmic Fish’s anniversary, the 7th one! Which is crazy impressive because the comic has been running for so long, and how much the art has changed and even the story. The main idea has been present the whole time but some things have changed (Ramus was never meant to play a big role like he is now, if anything it was closer to Max who is just…referenced more than anything. But I got attached and this really allowed me to explore the relationship between the ghost kids and how they each remember him differently and all that). One of these days I’ll post the concept art and talk about original ideas and all that–if you guys would like to.


I’d like to post a nice illustration on that day, I never celebrated the 5th anniversary because it was the pandemic year and I had been massively out of it–mentally–that year and in 2021 I was a little embarrassed for not celebrating the previous year, so I want to change that. I want to do a nice illustration, and I’d like to answer any questions you may have for the characters or the comic in general, feel free to post them here! 

Once again, a thousand thank yous to each and every one of you guys for peeking in and reading the comic either weekly or a quick binge every few months. I hope you guys are enjoying the story, it always means the world to me every comment I get or sometimes the heartfelt little messages on my Instagram or Twitter, these kinds of comments I save for rainy days. I would go on but I’ll save it for the November 20th post.

I’m going to see how much queue I can get ready because I’m in crunch time at work but if I can’t get chapter 9 ready by December, I’ll be posting a short comic I used to have behind a lil paywall which covers how the kids met Bavel.



See you then!!